The interactions of the natural elements with the subject of a photo can not only enhance the subject’s beauty, but can work with the subject to become an important part of the overall scene. Water, wind, clouds and colour play important roles in my photos. Everything depends on and is influenced by everything else.

We humans tend to have a very egocentric and exaggerated sense of our place in the universe. Maybe we are not as important as we think we are, maybe we don’t own the planet and maybe the world does not revolve around us. Hence the bigger picture I choose to photograph.

Many people fail to appreciate their local environment. Most of us have visited an area and remarked on its beauty, only to be met by friendly indifference and a strong belief that when you live somewhere, you don’t notice. This lack of appreciation both saddens and fascinates me. Is it a case that the closer we are to something, the less likely we are to notice? Why?

I love water and water reflections. They are a feature of many of my photos. I experience a sense of calm from still water. The clarity of its reflections, and the sense of openness that accompanies expanses of water, are wonderful. Over our heads at all times, there is a constant, ever-changing, natural show. Its reflection in water can result in beautiful patterns and symmetries that will never be repeated. They are there for us to enjoy as long as we choose to.